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How are you TRULY feeling today?  Are you experiencing the benefits of a healthy, energized body? Questions like these might run through your mind:                       

  • What types of exercise are right for me?
  • How do I exercise safely without getting injured?
  • How do my nutrition and eating habits tie into the physical fitness equation?

Whether you are just starting out in the basics of exercise, or an athlete seeking to push your boundaries, with Tara’s education and experience, she can assist you through your fitness journey. Together, you will develop a program including techniques such as strength training, nutritional analysis, and cardio vascular development in a personal program tailored to meet your needs to help you look, feel, and live better! 

Regardless of your age or current physical condition, with the assistance of a certified Personal Trainer, you are a phone call away from achieving a leaner, stronger, and more energetic body! 

Training will take place at our private personal training facility located in the heart of West Palm Beach, virtually, or at a location of your choice/chosen location.

Why choose
Tara Lee?

  • It is Tara’s mission, not just to help you reach your goal, but to help you structure and maintain a foundation and level of fitness and health that will serve you lifelong.
  • She believes in building relationships with each of her clients to find out what works for them currently, with sound exercise and nutrition strategies now, and as they move forward on their fitness journey.

What Her
clients say

“I have been working out with Tara for 7 years.  She mixes up the workouts to make them interesting and specific to my needs. She helps maintain my physical fitness as well as nutritional guidance.”

“Tara knows the muscular makeup of the body and how best to build it up.  Her workouts are complete and diversified, tailored to meet each individual’s needs!”

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